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Available from Bender Publishing!

"SS-Steel Updated Edition" is now available for purchase at www.bender-publishing.com


The book contains important updated information on SS decal variations, with much more detail on decal-to-maker correlations, plus their exceptions. This should be an excellent supplement to collector information on these important helmets.

 Kelly Hicks has collected WWII artifacts for over 40 years and has written five original works and many contributions toward other books regarding the collecting of helmets of the German Wehrmacht and SS. His offerings in these pages include the sharing of important information regarding SS and other helmets, especially providing in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of original helmets and what to look for in the latest fakes. Armed with the right information, especially in today's collector market, collectors can make quality decisions about what they purchase, at the same time protect themselves from becoming victims of fraud.
In the "featured helmet of the month" section, collectors will find a complete write-up, including detailed photographs, of a particular helmet. There may also be period photos displaying the wearing of the helmet in its historical context.
In the "Authentications" section, a full range of authentication services is offered. Hundreds of collectors have taken advantage of this inexpensive way to maintain the value and investment potential of their original helmets, as well as obtain documentation for insurance purposes.
Lastly, collectors will find periodic listings of SS or other WWII helmets offered for sale. These helmets and other militaria are carefully vetted and guaranteed for life as original artifacts of the German Third Reich, the US Military, or otherwise as applicable. A COA from Kelly Hicks will accompany each purchase.


M-35 Helmet of SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Karl Hermann Frank

46 Years Collecting and Researching WWII historical memorabilia

20+ Years writing books and presenting at MAX Show and other collector venues



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