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The following are excellent examples of original SS and Wehrmacht helmets from advanced collections. The quality and originality speak for themselves. Contact: kellyhicks@hotmail.com

*Note to consignors: if you wish to consign helmets, I will inspect them for verification of authenticity, completeness and ability to place my guarantee. Also, if you consign to this website, you may not simultaneously list your item elsewhere. Thanks.  


Rare Reverse-decal Waffen-SS M40 Helmet. SS Helmet Collectors often do not have the opportunity to own one of these rare specimens. Originally a Polizei-issue helmet (shield is underneath the CA Pocher runic shield) the helmet possesses the smooth dark green feldgrau finish. Usually, foreign volunteer forces received the vast majority of M42 reverse decal helmets, but the M-35 and M40 types were seen more among the Einsatzgruppen or mobile killing squads operating in Poland, the Baltics and the Ukraine. This one is un-named as far as I can tell and while the liner date is present, it has that gentle oxydized fuzz that can obscure the date and I'm not going to bend it and clean it to see the year-- suffice it to say with a 1680 steel lot number it is about a late 1940 or earlier 1941 helmet. That puts it right in the early stages of the war in the East, right at the time of the Einsatzgruppen activities. The amount of use and wear this helmet displays is also an indicator of heavy field duty, possibly anti-partisan in nature. All components are untouched and fully original to the helmet. Full of history, these helmets are as "mainstream SS" as any other type, given the size of that force that was dedicated to the deadly mission of those units. Price is 15K USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Waffen-SS Combat M-42 Helmet. This helmet is a classic example of 1943 EF production of the model 1942. The finish is the typical EF finish that has a peculiar color field grey 'Schiefergrau' and a fine to medium texture. The SS runic shield is a very complete and classic EF pattern shield. This is a size 64 shell with a 43 dated size 57 liner. The liner condition is good, but one tongue is torn and the chinstrap is broken in half but both lengths are complete including the buckle. The initials "J.J." are crudely painted in the rear skirt of the inside. Overall this is an excellent example for a combat Waffen-SS display. Priced reasonably at 6700 USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Salty Waffen-SS 'Hard Core' Combat M-42 Helmet. This SS helmet is another EF, but a size 68 shell, with field applied Schiefergrau overpaint (which looks to have been applied over remnants of a winter whitewash due to the crackling visible in the rear area and along the sides. The decal, a classic EF pattern runic shield, is partially covered with the field repaint, along the lower left edge. The liner is present, but in near-relic condition. The helmet was a recent barn find in the Upstate NY area. Someone wrote, in very faded letters, the word 'zodiac' on the rear of the helmet. It may have seen some motorcycle duty in the '60s? All in all this is a relatively untouched woodwork helmet that's never been in a collection. Priced accordingly at 5k USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Unusual and Interesting Italian-SS Combat Helmet. Here is one of the few original Italian SS helmets that may actually exist. The seller reports that a number of years back, when he first showed it to me, he had gotten it from the in-laws of his cousin. The father, named Davis, had served with Patton's 3rd Army which fought prominently throughout Italy. The veteran is long since passed and the family are not aware of other details. Along with this helmet came an unrelated small grouping of items that the vet had acquired during his tour of duty. This helmet is an SE66 M35 with a three digit batch number. The liner bears a 1938 date. The finish and original double decals (what remains of them) had been overpainted in a grey scheme that is sprayed, leaving overspray on the liner. These characteristics are dead-on original period and the paint color is the expected Italian color. The insignia consist of hand-applied SS runes, spaced closely but rendered in wide style; and on the foreign configuration side (left). On the right is a standing eagle holding a swastika. The liner is marked with a three- digit code of some sort, and there is a stamp in the leather: Aufkl. Gr. 12 (a recon unit). All in all an historic and intriguing helmet for the Foreign Volunteer collector. Price is 4500 USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Super Rare Waffen-SS M42 Winter Camo Combat Helmet. This outstanding helmet comes from a well-respected European collection and is one of the rarest I have had the pleasure to offer lately. The shell is an EF66 M42, with heavily combat worn fatory EF finish, topped with heavily worn white winter camo finish. The Runic shield is the classic EF, which appears to have been masked at the time of the camo being applied. The inscription in the inner skirt is to "SS Schutze Kohl" and could be researched. You can see the extraordinary wear this helmet has undergone, and historically speaking, it strongly suggests use in the hard fighting in the Ardennes Offensive of December 1944. Price is SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Waffen-SS M42 Combat Helmet. This is a salty, combat veteran ckl M42 with all components intact and the classic ET pattern runic shield. It also has a fairly clear dome stamp. The helmet is unaltered and as it appeared in May 1945. Price is HOLD 5100 USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT black transitional helmet. This is an example of a rare configuration of transitional helmet, consisting of an early 1930s Austrian M16 style shell marked BGB and produced ostensibly for the Austrian military before the Anschluss--however, many appear to have been sourced by the SS who in the mid-1930s lacked access to the German military procurement system and thus had to supply themselves from the helmet works of neighboring countries such as Austria and Czechoslavakia. This helmet bears the rolled steel band three pad liner of 1930s manufacture. There are three paint finishes, including Austrian brown and an outer layer of Allgemeine-SS satin black. The decals are classic CA Pocher. Despite some flaking from the typical period poor quality undercoatings (these were not factory black helmets; always unit painted), this is still an excellent and rare transitional, worthy of any advanced helmet collection. Price is very reasonable for one of these rare pieces Available USD 16K and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Waffen-SS M42 Combat Helmet. This is a decent example of a combat used M42 from ET (CKL64) with a 2k series batch number. The finish is the smoother texture ET Schiefergrau, with 96% ET pattern runic shield. The liner and strap are untouched and tight, and frankly this helmet looks like it came right out of a GI duffel bag. . Price is HOLD USD 6900 and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Waffen-SS M42 Combat Helmet. This combat example is fresh from the woodwork. The finish is the typical ET Schiefergrau, with a period removed SS shield, presumably the ET pattern. The liner and strap are untouched and tight; the strap has been up over the visor of the helmet for some time. . Price is very reasonable for an SS example, at USD 2k and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Interesting Waffen-SS "GI Art" Helmet. This helmet is a vet purchase by the consignor. I have examined it in great detail and observe it to be a Q66 Waffen-SS single decal M40, that has been repainted in a paint color very closely resembling battleship grey, and decorated with hand-rendered Wehrmacht insignia as pictured. The insignia all show age crazing as does the paint. I believe it is an example of a GI art piece that was used during unit functions around the end of the war or early occupation period. I also note the lack of any names or inscriptions that might suggest American or Allied usage; leaving some question as to the function of this helmet. . The price for this intriguing piece is USD 2200 and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Named ET64 SSVT/Waffen-SS M35. The name in this helmet is currently being researched and the full description will be provided as soon as this information is available and analyzed. This helmet comes straight from a family in Germany and is as it was in 1945. . Price is SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





Minty Quist M40 Single Decal . This is an excellent condition Quist M40, with a remarkably nice, nearly 100% Schiefergrau finish and 96% crisp minty Q pattern runic shield. The size 55 liner and strap are untouched as originally installed in the helmet. The liner is light gold color, with minimal use wear and some edge wear from storage. This is a great helmet for the collection that is missing a crisp example of a Q M40. Price is HOLD 8K USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




ET66 M35 Double Decal--one of the best! . I don't often get the chance to offer such a nice piece of SS Steel on the site, but this is just that opportunity. Offered here is a consignment from a European collector who has had this piece tucked away in his collection for a while. The condition is essentially untouched, in excellent overall shape, with all components tight and original to the helmet. The four thousands range batch number suggests 1939 production, but the 'pea green' feldgrau finish and ET pattern decals are reminiscent of the '38 classics. Obviously both the ET and CA Pocher decal varieties were in full use during 1939, but on a slightly more slate-colored and flatter paint scheme. Overall this ET would be difficult to upgrade and would grace an advanced collection. Price HOLD 21.5K USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Very Nice Waffen-SS Q-64 Double Decal M-40 Helmet. This outstanding helmet is a rarely encountered SS example. Quist helmets are always in demand, and there is something about a DD M-40 that grabs collectors' attention. This helmet is a later war production Q, reflecting the June '43 positioning of the size and batch number in the rear skirt. However, with the one-look factory original Q pattern runic shield, I can see this helmet was produced before the November '43 decal prohibition (which did not take immediate effect even then. More interesting is the one-look period-applied CA Pocher party shield, reflecting a possible use by garrison troops, such as Concentration Camp personnel or SS-Stabswache formations. This helmet bears an inscription: "Oscha ____" (name is illegible but could possibly be viewed under UV light). Nice overall example of a rare helmet, that would grace any collection. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. 15.2K USD




ET64 SS-VT Waffen-SS Helmet . Here is an absolutely original SS double decal helmet, 4xxx batch series for ET (1939) with expected CA Pocher runic and party shields and untouched liner and pins. The chinstrap is original period to the helmet as well. The helmet at some stage had a thick coat of lacquer applied to it. In the old days, some veterans would shine these, thinking it would protect them through the ages. Little did they know leaving the helmet alone would be much better for it (these were made for the 'thousand year reich' after all). Other than the lacquer, the helmet has no flaws. It's price very reasonably at, : NEW PRICE 8.5k USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.






SS-Totenkopfverband-attributed Helmet

This helmet was in my collection for a number of years before selling it to Darryl P, who eventually sold it to Bob C, who sold it to me recently. I had featured this helmet in SS Steel because of the uniqueness of it as a commercially-produced SS VT type helmet. In Ludwig Baer's German language helmet books, he describes this color as "schwartzgrau' or grey-black. It is black in some light, and dark grey in other, presenting a unique appearance. These helmets that mimic the Himmler helmet design but with salt shaker air vents are very likely exclusive SS contract helmets similar to the Himmler, the Droop Bill, and the RZM. The decals are classic CA Pocher, and the liner is a civic-style including the dual buckle strap. The name M. Moser is Martin Moser, who was and officer in SS-TV Regiment "Thule" and later in the KTL-der SS. The helmet is in superb condition and would be a key part of any SS-TV / VT prewar grouping or display. This rare piece is priced at New price SOLD 18.8K USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  
































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