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The following are excellent examples of original SS and Wehrmacht helmets from advanced collections. The quality and originality speak for themselves. Contact: kellyhicks@hotmail.com

*Note to consignors: if you wish to consign helmets, I will inspect them for verification of authenticity, completeness and ability to place my guarantee. Also, if you consign to this website, you may not simultaneously list your item elsewhere. Thanks.  




For sale is a very nice example of an iconic SS helmet; an ET64 SS-VT / Waffen-SS M-35. The 4k series batch number suggests production during 1939, and all components are dated accordingly. Paint and decals (excellent examples of the classic ET pattern runic and party shields) are strong, and the liner and strap are untouched original to the piece. The price is: 18.2k USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





This is a truly stunning example of an ET66 M-35 Kriegsmarine double decal helmet with the national shield removed per the 1940 order. The paint, Kriegs eagle and all components are in top shelf condition, and present a bold and crisp appearance. In the pictures it is slighly hard to detect, but this is the absolutely typical early Kriegs shield with the raised edges around the feathers and the characteristic 'pumpkin orange' hue to the eagle. The collector who has owned this for many years specializes in finding pristine examples of M-35 'single' decal helmets, as a personal preference. The relative rarity of period national shield removed helmets has presented this collector with an interesting challenge over the years. Finally, the name "Mewes" appears in the rear skirt. Overall this is a handsome, crisp example and would grace any Kriegsmarine display or advanced helmet collection. The price is: Contact for price and other details and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




For sale is an ultra-rare example of an SS M-42 Double decal helmet. The shell is a later war NS64 with CA Pocher runic and party shields applied at the unit or field level. These decals were widely available in the German supply system and many units such as foreign volunteers and Einsatzgruppen continued to wear unusual configurations of the SS helmet emblems. These are without any doubt period applied. The condition shows medium-heavy field use and demonstrates that this might well have been a front line foreign volunteer's helmet. M-42 DD SS helmets are very scarce and desirable in the advanced collections. The price is: 8.8k Euros and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




This is the finest condition, rarest type of ET helmet produced in WWII. It consists of an ET66 M-40 shell with 99% fine texture schiefergrau finish and 100% ET pattern runic and party shields. The rarity of this helmet is defined by the fact it is an M-40 with a four digit batch number (5065. My personal collection example of the same has batch number 5066, which puts this helmet at the earliest production run of the M40 shell by ET). Secondly, the presence of a glue and lacquer factory applied set of ET pattern double decals is an extreme rarity. Lastly, the condition of this piece is the finest I have seen in 49 years of collecting helmets. An inscription in the skirt of the helmet indicates it was issued to an SS-Uscha, and given the condition, research may reveal that this helmet was in a unit where it saw very light if any use (such as a camp or a main office). The pictures tell the story on this piece, which is one of the very best. The price is: SOLD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




For sale is a stunning example of a 1939 Quist production M-35 SS helmet. The condition is off the shelf mint, showing only light storage wear. The decals are glue and lacquer factory applied, and show stacking wear on the runes. The liner bears a most interesting inscription from a US Army Major to a fellow soldier in appreciation. In part, it says "Dachau, Germany, May 1945". With complete research on the names, it will be possible to ascertain the exact circumstances, but obvious indications are this is a concentration camp helmet. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




One of a kind Russian Front MIA / KIA Heer Officer's M-35, with complete personnel file copy. This is a very nice example of an M-35 re-paint / reissue helmet that features an NS64 M-35 shell and liner system--all tight and untouched--with the addition of a schiefergrau refinish to the outside which is decorated with a set of Huber Jordan Koerner Heer eagle and national colors. On the inside skirt is a paint inscription that reads "Major E. Diederich". Behind Major you can faintly see "Oblt", which is crossed out. The helmet was purchased decades ago by a Berlin antique dealer (now deceased) from the widow of Major Diederichs. He was commander of a smoke troops / Nebelwerfer unit. He was originally a Reserve Officer stationed on the "home front" but he eventually was put into combat on the Russian Front where he became just one more unfortunate casualty to that brutal fight. The helmet has that look of having been "put away" in a drawer or closet after just limited use. Accompanying this helmet is a cd with the complete personnel file for Diederichs, with some interesting documentation. The helmet was sold by a very a reputable dealer to the current owner, who is now interested to sell the piece. All in all, an historic and handsome looking Heer Major's helmet! The price is: New Price 5.2K USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



For sale is a nice example of a 60th Regiment "Go Devils" helmet. It features the original cork finish on a front-seam M1 helmet shell, decorated on the sides with the "Go Devils" emblem, which is hand-rendered. The liner is complete with the original liner chinstrap and all webbing intact and nice. The steel pot straps feature the correct 11 row weave in OD#3 (as are the rest of the cloth components), and has the earlier blackened brass buckle with 'stairstep' bar, indicating circa 1942 production. The 60th Infantry Regiment was part of the 9th Division during WWII. The 60th spearheaded the November 1942 invasion of French Morocco at Port Lyautey during Operation Torch. It landed at Palermo in Sicily on 5 August and was engaged there before being redeployed to England in November 1943 for Operation Overloard. The 60th came ashore on 11 June 1944 at Utah Beach and as part of the 9th Division it spearheaded the American advance out of the beachhead. In 1943 during the battle of Sedjenane Valley along the Tunisia-Algeria border, it was during the fanatical drive by the 60th Regiment that a captured German general's diary gave the regiment its nickname. In his account of American actions against the Germans, he wrote "Look at those devils go!" Thereafter, the 60th Infantry Regiment became known as the "Go Devils". The price is: USD HOLD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.






Very Nice Waffen-SS Q-64 Double Decal M-40 Helmet. This outstanding helmet is a rarely encountered SS example. Quist helmets are always in demand, and there is something about a DD M-40 that grabs collectors' attention. This helmet is a later war production Q, reflecting the June '43 positioning of the size and batch number in the rear skirt. However, with the one-look factory original Q pattern runic shield, I can see this helmet was produced before the November '43 decal prohibition (which did not take immediate effect even then. More interesting is the one-look period-applied CA Pocher party shield, reflecting a possible use by garrison troops, such as Concentration Camp personnel or SS-Stabswache formations. This helmet bears an inscription: "Oscha ____" (name is illegible but could possibly be viewed under UV light). Nice overall example of a rare helmet, that would grace any collection. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. 15.2K USD



ET66 Waffen-SS M-40 Helmet, former whitewash. This combat-used Waffen-SS helmet was picked up by a 12th Armored Division GI (paperwork included) who fought in notable battles such as the Bulge. His bio reads like a 'who's who' of locations and incidents of that historic period. The helmet is a super early ET M40 with batch number 4910 and an M35 style reinforced aluminum liner band, that is dated 1940. Solidly in the shot group for this nice helmet. The finish is the early green ET Schiefergrau, and the ET pattern shield has a nice gold tint and is virtually 100% present. The paint shows the frosty remnants of whitewash, and I suspect the SS soldier lost posession of it right after the Bulge in early 1945. The liner is supple but brown from use, and the strap is the origina except the tip end has been clipped--a long time ago. Overall this helmet fits in the category of the true war souvenir, and only recently came from the vet. It would be a prize in any collection. The price is SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Later War No-Decal MINT Fallschirmjaeger Helmet. Here is an excellent and hard to upgrade later war Mint para helmet, with smoother texture schiefergrau finish and late style slotted bolts. The straps are the heftier mid-war pattern and they are flawless. The liner is perfect, and nicely marked per the photos. This is a no-brainer excellent example and is priced at 6.6k USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.






Outstanding Sauerland Helmet. (For reference there is a discussion thread about this helmet on the GHW forum). Also for reference on these, see the Featured Helmets section of this website. This piece is an excellent, original example of a very rare Third Reich helmet. The shell is the expected NS64, and it is a camo featuring very subtle red and yellow ochre colors daubed on top of the Schiefergrau factory finish. This helmet sat in storage for many decades, so it shows commensurate patina--but not excessive. The decal is by all indications a classic Sauerland, and in hand, is a one-look original. Several views of the helmet are featured here, especially showing the subtle but present camo scheme. A rare helmet, worthy of any advanced collection. The price is: 9.5k USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





Waffen-SS ET64 M-40 combat helmet. This is a combat used but very good condition M-40 SS helmet. The finish is the typical early ET Schiefergrau, with a classic ET pattern runic shield at a high percentage of condition. The finish shows wear and patina, as well as remnants of whitewash for winter camo in some low spots (rear rivet especially). The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet. This piece would make a nice addition to a combat SS display. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Waffen-SS Reversed Decal M-42. This helmet is a seldom-encountered example of a Waffen-SS foreign volunteer combat helmet, worn in period photos in this reversed-decal configuration by the Ukranians, Prinz Eugen, Handschar and other formations of the Waffen-SS (see "SS-Steel" for period photos of these). These helmets are nearly always EF makers, and originated as double decal police. They were issued to foreign "Schutzmannschaften" organizations, which performed rear area and anti- partisan police duties prior to being standardized into the SS in 1943, at which time they formed the core of the foreign volunteer divisions. It was at this time that they were converted to SS helmets, with the addtion of (usually) a CA Pocher SS runic shield, placed atop the police shield. This completed the configuration of these helmets, and across the 25 or so examples existing in worldwide collections, this is a standard feature. This exact helmet is featured in SS-Steel, pp 185-186. The shell is EF62, with the medium grey EF finish, which shows the expected spot oxydation visible within the EF factory paint. The liner is named "Folz" which could be a "Volksdeutsche" name. the decals are the typical EF Pattern party shield and the Pocher shield placed atop the bordered Police, which can be seen along the bottom edge of the Pocher. This is a superb example of a rare SS helmet. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. 18.5K USD




Luftwaffe Officer's Aluminum Parade Helmet My friend Jim bought this 30 years ago when we were Captains, and it's been part of his collection since. The helmet is an outstanding, mint example of the Luftwaffe Officer's lightweight aluminum style, with mint liner and cordovan colored carbine clip chinstrap assembly. The outside of the helmet has a finely aged very thin coating of parade wax which does not detract from the helmet's graceful appearance. The insignia are standard first style Luft eagle and national shields, the eagle being a 100% example of the straight-leg early eagle. The national shield has approximately 65% period re-touch, due probably to flaking because the insignia are not glue / lacquer applied on this type of private purchase helmet. In any event, KenN looked at this helmet a week ago and was positive this is a period retouch, as am I, and I will guarantee its authenticity for life. This is a great chance to own a minty parade helmet for your high ranking Luft display, and is priced resonably at 2K USD




Waffen-SS ET66 M-35 helmet, direct veteran family acquisition. This exceptional helmet is part of a grouping of guns, medals and US uniform items that came from the family of a member of Company I, 476th Quartermaster Truck Regiment (the unit history shows a lot of heavy movement all through Belgium, Holland, Germany, and the maps show the routes as well). The grouping for sale here consists of the items pictured; the helmet, maps, a unit roster, a bible used in the war by the veteran, named to him as a gift from his mother; and a couple of small items of insignia. The helmet is a very nice example of an ET66, with a beautiful ET rune, mostly intact, and a heavily damaged party shield. The overall condition of the helmet is excellent, with an unusual, high quality satin field grey overpaint, done obviously at the factory since the decals are factory applied on top of this finish. For me it is a rarity itself to encounter a double painted factory helmet, never mind how nice the helmet looks. The liner and strap are original untouched to the piece, and the liner bears a Waffen-SS Obersturmfuhrer's inscription, which is stylized to the extent that the name is only partial (see photo). All in all, a nice SS helmet with an interesting veteran history. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Direct Veteran Family Acquired Waffen-SS M-35 Helmet, named! This excellent condtion ET66 M-35 double decal comes from the veteran family in England, whose father was a participant in the last battles of the defeat of the Third Reich as a member of the Grenadier Guards (pictures below include his portrait and he and a friend posing with some helmets they picked up). His commemorative placque is pictured here, naming the places he was stationed while in Germany during 1945-47. It doesn't get much better than this for provenance. The helmet itself displays the typical ET paint (pea green) of the late 1938-early '39 pattern (batch number is 4300 series), with classic ET pattern runic and party shields. The paint shows the beautiful browning patina that is a hallmark of originality. There is a period, German inscription in the liner, saying "Thiemann, 1943". This can obviously be researched. The liner is untouched and the rivets are tight untouched. The chinstrap is a cordovan brown color like a luftwaffe strap, but it is original to the piece and untouched as the veteran brought it back. The tip is missing from the strap, otherwise everything is complete and excellent. Here is a once in a long time chance to own a solid Waffen-SS helmet with a great history. Price, including my COA and other Veteran information is New Price SOLD USD




A helmet for all times; one of the absolute rarest, EREL Allgemeine-SS Officer's Fiber Parade Helmet in mint, untouched Veteran condition. This helmet is one of two original examples known of an early SS parade helmet. I have seen several counterfeits over the years, but never an original with CA Pocher shields (the other original I know of is the Fat Rune fiberhelm pictured in my books). This is truly an exceptional helmet, produced by the famous Third Reich headgear maker, Robert Lubstein, of the "ErEl" logo. This quality and rarity of a piece belongs in an advanced SS (Allgemeine or VT) collection. The piece came from a Veteran's son, living in the midwest, who discovered it as he was clearing out his deceased father's possessions. The helmet shows the effects of being stored carefully for 75+ years, but no abuse--only the graceful aging characteristics of vulcanfiber. Here is a chance to own a piece of SS history, on a par with any of the finest accoutrements used by SS leaders of the day. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. SOLD USD





Super Rare Fat Rune SS lighweight Civic Style Parade Helmet My second Fat Rune helmet was this piece, which originated from a California veteran estate over 14 years ago. I got it second-hand, and never knew any details, however, this helmet speaks volumes by itself. The helmet shell is a typical civic aluminum alloy square scallop, dated 1934 and commonly issued to police organizations. The liner is civic style, with the dome pad on the inside. In this case, this helmet was a direct SS Issue, featuring a CA Pocher party shield and a beautiful Fat Rune SS shield, in reverse order. Neither decal shows any glue or lacquer in application. Moreover, these are the only decals ever on this helmet--there is no scraped or covered police shield or other decoration. Normally Fat Rune shields are found on either 3567 / 3574 batch number ET M-35s, or on some (just one) early RZM helmet. One other original SS parade helmet in the Barrows collection features a Fat Rune shield. My feeling about this helmet, which is featured in the Beaver / Hicks helmet book, is it may possibly have been used as a parade helmet by an SD officer, given the decals being in reverse order. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. Price is SOLD USD.




Q66 Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT Black M-35 Helmet. This rare helmet is one of four black batch number 1151 helmets and is pictured in "SS-Steel." The helmet comes from an advanced black helmet collection and is a classic example. The 1151 batch helmets are thought to be very late 1938 or early 1939 produciton due to the fact that a 5th example, still in Feldgrau finish, displays the 1939 style Quist factory finish. Here is one of the black four, with the semi-gloss black finish and CA Pocher runic and party shields placed atop. The liner is in excellent condition and features an early M31 style roller buckle and clip chinstrap. These helmets almost never come up for sale, and this one is a fine example that would grace any collection. The price is: SOLD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



SE66 Heer Single Decal. This minty example speaks for itself and represents a basically unissued example of a scarce M-40 SE. The shell is an earlier strike, prior to the vent holes resembling a conical shape. The decal retains the features of its application at the factory; glue and lacquer combination, using the typical Damar varnish that yellows gently with age. All components are tight, original and untouched. The chinstrap is a '44 date and has been added, but in reality this helmet may never have had a strap installed as it appears unissued. Handsome helmet with a high degree of collectibility. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




M-35 Heer EF66. This interesting helmet has been used by the German Army from circa 1936, to 1945, on a continuous basis. It started life as a DD Heer with a set of decals, both of which appear in a very small percentage in the worn spots. Interestingly, an aluminum content shows through on the right side, and suggests possible SS, but I believe this is not the case and it is more likely a very early style national shield that has an aluminum pulver underlay. The helmet was refurbished at some point in the early stages, because while the 1936 dated liner band shows a break and period repair (a purpose built riveted repair), it is actually installed with the early brass slot washers, which dates this helmet solidly in the 1936-37 period. It then was given a 1940 Schiefergrau overpaint and a single Heer decal, all of which show wear and use. There is a faded inscription in the liner that could be deciphered, and a nice inscription in the rear skirt to a LT Strahler of the 100th (Infantry?) regiment. Interesting helmet with lots of history. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.















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