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Update is Here! Updated 3 April 2016; Outstanding Q M40, EF M42..Superb Q SS M35; Many other fine items of SS Steel. See page 2 for more new helmets!

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The following pages contain excellent examples of original SS and Wehrmacht helmets from advanced collections. The quality and originality speak for themselves. Contact: kellyhicks@hotmail.com

*Note to consignors: if you wish to consign helmets, I will inspect them for verification of authenticity, completeness and ability to place my guarantee. Also, if you consign to this website, you may not simultaneously list your item elsewhere. Thanks.  






For sale is a beautiful example of an M40 Q66 Waffen SS helmet. This piece features the typical medium-rough texture Quist Schiefergrau finish, with full 99.9% Quist pattern runic shield, factory applied to specification. The liner is untouched tight to the helmet and the strap is also original to this piece. The inner skirt bears two soldier's names, which could be easily researchable. A Q in this shape is a rarity nowadays, and this specimen would grace any Waffen-SS collection. Sale includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. SOLD 8K USD




Combat Waffen-SS EF M42

I am partial to EF M42 helmets, with their extreme looking runic shield--always one of my favorites! This nice example is a pretty much classic, large size 66 EF with the circa 1943 finish and expected EF shield. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet. Overall this piecs shows moderate combat wear, yet retains its full strength of finish, decal and appearance. A nice addition to a combat Waffen-SS collection. Price, including my COA, is 6.2K USD.  


Factory Issue Q64 Waffen-SS M35 Helmet . Here is a helmet that doesn't come along very often; a factory Quist SS double decal M35. This one is a 1939 production with a classic narrow pattern Q decal and the darker hue of feldgrau that is so common to this time period of quist production. The party shield shows the darker red and overall symmetry that Q pattern decals embody. The factory glue and lacquer show gentle crazing from exposure to the elements and age. The liner is strong, shows medium use, and is untouched. The strap is also an untouched period component that shows evidence of wartime replacement. That situation is common with chinstraps helmets that show any use (they were 'expendable durables', which means easily replaced when worn from use and from being hung on web gear and vehicles like the Germans did commonly). The liner is named (Sibla) and can be researched. We all know how important the research can be sometimes, leading to very interesting discoveries as to the wartime owner. I have handled many ET helmets for every Q that I see, so they definitely exist in smaller numbers. All in all a solid, handsome example of this classic helmet. Sale includes my certificate of lifetiime guarantee of authenticity. New Price, 18.2K USD





Rare and Exceptional Early, named Allgemeine-SS / SS VT Droop Bill Helmet . Many of you older collectors will remember this helmet from some of the earliest helmet publications of the 70s. I first saw this one over 25 years ago, and never forgot the cool way the Pocher runic shield was put on. This helmet has been in the custodianship of, and now consigned by, an advanced European collector for a number of years. He took the time to research the two names in it, yielding powerful results. View the pictures to see the strength of this piece. The sale comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.






Rare Reverse-decal Waffen-SS M40 Helmet. SS Helmet Collectors often do not have the opportunity to own one of these rare specimens. Many of these were originally Polizei-issue helmets (the police shield is underneath the CA Pocher runic shield) This helmet possesses the smooth dark green feldgrau finish of the M40 police issue. Usually, foreign volunteer forces began as Police, coming fully under the SS by RFSS decree in 1942-43. The M-35 and M40 types were seen more among the Einsatzgruppen or mobile killing squads operating in Poland early in the war; or issued within the SS-Polizei-Division. The foreign volunteers of the Baltics and the Ukraine came later, and were issued M42 DD police helmets, and when standardized from Schutzmannschaften to SS, given a runic shield to cover the police shield. These and the M40 police helmets comprise the largest number of reverse decal SS helmet types, for the above stated reasons. This one is un-named as far as I can tell and while the liner date is present, it has that gentle oxydized fuzz that can obscure the date and I'm not going to bend it and clean it to see the year-- suffice it to say with a 1680 steel lot number it is about a late 1940 or earlier 1941 helmet. That puts it right in the early stages of the war in the East, right at the time of the Einsatzgruppen activities. The amount of use and wear this helmet displays is also an indicator of heavy field duty, possibly anti-partisan in nature. All components are untouched and fully original to the helmet. Full of history, these helmets are as "mainstream SS" as any other type, given the size of that force that was dedicated to the deadly mission of those units. To me, these are among the most historic of the SS wartime helmets, because they are hard evidence of the most notorious period of nazi eastward expansion; the ghettos, the einsatzgruppen, the holocaust. Price is Excellent New Price 11.8K USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Waffen-SS M42 CKL66 Combat Helmet. This is a very solid example of a CKL M42 Waffen-SS helmet in the 2xxx batch number series; well within the batch numbers normally associated with ET pattern decals on factory helmets. The finish is the typical ET Schiefergrau, with classic ET pattern SS shield. The liner and strap are complete and in nice condition. The overall size and strong condition of the paint and decal make this a very desirable piece. Price from the consignor is very reasonable for this caliber of an SS example, SOLD USD 5500 and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Combat Worn Waffen-SS M42

This ckl64 M42 is right in the 2xxx batch number range for the ET style SS runic shield. The finish and decal are untouched but show the kind of removal I associate with repeated whitewash removal with the changes of the combat seasons. The runic shield is very worn, but the main components still remain; proper background, border and runes pigment remaining, and remnants of the factory lacquer are present at intervals around the border. The helmet comes from a long time closet collection and is unaltered since the war. Price, including my COA, is New excellent price! 3350 USD.  


Combat CKL M42 Waffen SS Helmet . This is a nice CKL66 M42 in the 2800 batch series. The decal is the classic ET pattern and is a one-looker. The liner is in good condition but with weakness from heavy use and age. But it's been in there forever, and is untouched. No chinstrap on this example. The sale comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

New Price HOLD 5.5K USD





Outstanding Combat Waffen-SS M40 From the Ardennes . This excellent ET 66 M40 was acquired by the consignor from a famous and well known Ardennes area collector / historian, who reports this helmet is definitively from the Ardennes. It bears the typical 1940-41 ET Schiefergrau finish of a medium sulfite texture, and a crisp, classic ET pattern SS decal. Liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet. Sale comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

5.9K USD





Waffen-SS M40 Combat Helmet . This helmet was originally sourced by a local collector whose work enables him direct access to many veteran families, and this was a direct vet acquisition. The collector who purchased it is offering it for sale. No surprises, a straight ET64 with all components untouched. The ET runic shield has a substantial scuff, hence the price, which comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Unusual and Interesting Italian-SS Combat Helmet. Here is one of the few original Italian SS helmets that may actually exist. The seller reports that a number of years back, when he first showed it to me, he had gotten it from the in-laws of his cousin. The father, named Davis, had served with Patton's 3rd Army which fought prominently throughout Italy. The veteran is long since passed and the family are not aware of other details. Along with this helmet came an unrelated small grouping of items that the vet had acquired during his tour of duty. This helmet is an SE66 M35 with a three digit batch number. The liner bears a 1938 date. The finish and original double decals (what remains of them) had been overpainted in a grey scheme that is sprayed, leaving overspray on the liner. These characteristics are dead-on original period and the paint color is the expected Italian color. The insignia consist of hand-applied SS runes, spaced closely but rendered in wide style; and on the foreign configuration side (left). On the right is a standing eagle holding a swastika. The liner is marked with a three- digit code of some sort, and there is a stamp in the leather: Aufkl. Gr. 12 (a recon unit). All in all an historic and intriguing helmet for the Foreign Volunteer collector. Price is New Price 4200 USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Waffen-SS M42 Combat Helmet. This combat example is fresh from the woodwork. The finish is the typical ET Schiefergrau, with a period removed SS shield, presumably the ET pattern. The liner and strap are untouched and tight; the strap has been up over the visor of the helmet for some time. . Price is very reasonable for an SS example, at New Price USD 1700 and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Interesting Waffen-SS "GI Art" Helmet. This helmet is a vet purchase by the consignor. I have examined it in great detail and observe it to be a Q66 Waffen-SS single decal M40, that has been repainted in a paint color very closely resembling battleship grey, and decorated with hand-rendered Wehrmacht insignia as pictured. The insignia all show age crazing as does the paint. I believe it is an example of a GI art piece that was used during unit functions around the end of the war or early occupation period. I also note the lack of any names or inscriptions that might suggest American or Allied usage; leaving some question as to the function of this helmet. . The price for this intriguing piece is USD 2200 and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Excellent, Used Waffen-SS Second Pattern Helmet Cover . This is a super example of an SS helmet cover, second model, oakleaf and plain tree overprint mix. This cover is very well vetted in-hand by several of the best in the camo field. The material gauge, stitching, clip construction and wear patterns are classic original period. The spring side shows wear and appears to be the side that was worn to the outside during the period use of this cover. The autumn side shows less wear. Overall the colors are vibrant and that cover has that right amount of 'salt' that appeals to many. The left side panel has the plain tree overprint on the spring and fall side, adding a nice mix to the camo pattern. The size perfectly fits a 64 helmet shell. This cover would be an excellent addition to any Waffen-SS collection. Sale includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. SOLD 8K USD





































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