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The following are excellent examples of original SS and Wehrmacht helmets from advanced collections. The quality and originality speak for themselves. Contact: kellyhicks@hotmail.com

*Note to consignors: if you wish to consign helmets, I will inspect them for verification of authenticity, completeness and ability to place my guarantee. Also, if you consign to this website, you may not simultaneously list your item elsewhere. Thanks.  



ET66 M35 Double Decal--one of the best! . I don't often get the chance to offer such a nice piece of SS Steel on the site, but this is just that opportunity. Offered here is a consignment from a European collector who has had this piece tucked away in his collection for a while. The condition is essentially untouched, in excellent overall shape, with all components tight and original to the helmet. The four thousands range batch number suggests 1939 production, but the 'pea green' feldgrau finish and ET pattern decals are reminiscent of the '38 classics. Obviously both the ET and CA Pocher decal varieties were in full use during 1939, but on a slightly more slate-colored and flatter paint scheme. Overall this ET would be difficult to upgrade and would grace an advanced collection. Price HOLD 21.5K USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Mint Waffen-SS Second Pattern Oakleaf Camo Helmet Cover . This stunning cover came out of the batch that was recently discovered in Germany. This particular cover is a fine, textbook example that has been reviewed and given the thumbs up by the most notable camo collectors in the hobby. The condition is unissued, the clips are steel, and the size is 64. This one-look original cover would grace the war room of the most discriminating collector. Priced reasonably at 7900 USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Historic 4th Armored Division SS Helmet Grouping . Offered here is an intact US veteran bring back grouping that is packed with history and documentation. All of these items were brought back from France and Germany by an original member of the US 4th Armored Division, a Mr. Anderson. Anderson was from Illinois and was an M3 halftrack driver who was part of every combat engagement his mechanized recon unit was a part of, including the historic drive to Bastogne when the 101st Airborne was surrounded by the enemy during the Battle of the Bulge; and the liberation Of Buchenwald-Ohrdruf Concentration Camp in the spring of 1945. He seemed to have carried with him a sense of history, a desire to write and a camera. His letters and documents have been placed in a binder, organized by date, and his photographs, about 180, many with notations are arranged in order in a photo album: from training in California to the heart of Germany. He wrote many, many letters home from the war which are very vivid and absolutely gripping- not only in historical context but in poignant personal terms, penned freshly after his experiences. He tells of the savage fighting in Lorient, France against the Germans after the sweep through Normandy, the intense shelling they were giving and receiving, wondering why the next one didn't just come into his hole. "I think that was the hottest place I ever got into unless it could have been Bastogne", "I'm glad now that I was lucky enough to come thru safely and I'm sure some-body must have been watching over me. I guess a lot of fellows beside me has learned what it really means to pray after a few hours of shelling and wondering why the next one doesn't come right in". A letter mailed from "Somewhere in Belgium" (Bastogne, first week of 1945) where he's apologizing for not having time to write home to thank his parents for the warm sweater he received and how many guys would wish they all had one. He also has a very gripping letters Germany after hostilities had ended in 1945 where he is able to be unedited and very free with information due to a relaxing of mail censorship. In these letters he describes the horrors of the holocaust, "I saw some of the prisoner-of-war camps that you have probably heard about. It's hard to believe people could have been treated so cruelly even after seeing the evidence with my own eyes". He tells of the beautiful Blue Danube - and his distrust of pontoon bridges, and many of his souvenirs - to include flags, blades, guns, medals and in one letter this exact SS helmet. He visited the Hitler's Eagle Nest, took a photo as well. There are a couple photos he took of General George Patton too. Many other amazing photographs to include the Atlantic Wall, his vehicles with unit markings, photos with buddies, children, sights etc. One could spend hours going through all his letters, documents and photographs. The large two-part 4th Armored battle map would look spectacular mounted in a frame. The centerpiece of this grouping is the 1939 double decal SS helmet he brought back and mentions specifically the letter from Hohenberg, Germany, "Perhaps by now you have received some of my guns - I sent Helen a German helmet taken from an SS soldier. I thought perhaps the kids could play with it". It is a large ET68, and has taken on some patina and had its liner stitching torn, but is untouched and complete with its original chinstrap and very striking runic shield. This helmet is also named on the liner to the German soldier, "R. Metz" - this name has not been researched by anyone, and this will make for a good research project for the new owner. The SA dagger is an early piece and made by Puma, the Bronze PZ badge is unmarked, the SS collar tab is uniform removed, the EK is marked "20", the large Nazi Party banner is unmarked as is the early aluminum Heer belt buckle. This is a very substantive and attractive grouping that should be kept together. If you have seen "Fury," you will get the idea here... Priced at 15.7K USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Published Waffen-SS M40 Camouflage Helmet . This helmet is a super rare and large size example of a Waffen-SS camo. Probably the most desirable item in the helmet collecting world and the seller is looking for a quick liquidation. The shell is a Q66, with a couple of battle dings, and with a complete untouched liner and strap that show their age. The finish is a tan and green overspray atop the medium texture Quist factory finish. The single decal is mostly covered by the camo paint, but is present to a very high degree. This is a fine piece, documented in the Mike Beaver / Kelly Hicks SS Helmets book from Schiffer. This rare item would grace any SS combat collection. Priced at HOLD / SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Outstanding Waffen-SS M40 Double Decal Helmet . I owned this helmet since the 1980s, having obtained it from a premier SS collector and vowing never to turn it loose. I featured it in "SS-Steel" and eventually traded it a few years ago. It has come again available on the market and remains precisely in the untouched condition it was when I first laid eyes on it. For those who passionately collect SS helmets, this one fits the bill of that early batch number sequence of ET-produced M40s that left the factory with two decals. In classic fashion, the party shield is a CA Pocher, which is the party shield most encountered on these examples from ET. The helmet is a 64 shell with batch number 280--very early M40 shell production. The finish is that nice early light texture ET schiefergrau with the greener hue to it. The liner and strap are original untouched to the helmet. This is a fine, documented piece that would grace any SS collection. Contact me for price and other info. HOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



M42 Champagne Rune Waffen-SS Helmet . I owned this outstanding CKL 66 M42 in 1991, and featured it in my first SS Helmets book. I was a SF Major stationed at Ft. Bragg and had purchased it from one of the many vet families in the area. Later I sold it to a close friend, who sold it back to me in 2003. It is now again available for sale, and would grace any SS collection. This is one of the nicer ones I've had. Priced at: SOLD USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



ET64 SS-VT Waffen-SS Helmet . Here is an absolutely original SS double decal helmet, 4xxx batch series for ET (1939) with expected CA Pocher runic and party shields and untouched liner and pins. The chinstrap is original period to the helmet as well. The helmet at some stage had a thick coat of lacquer applied to it. In the old days, some veterans would shine these, thinking it would protect them through the ages. Little did they know leaving the helmet alone would be much better for it (these were made for the 'thousand year reich' after all). Other than the lacquer, the helmet has no flaws. It's price very reasonably at, : NEW PRICE 9.8k USD and comes with my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Ultra Rare Waffen-SS Net Camo Helmet. This helmet is right out of the woodwork and it shows. The helmet, an ET66 M40 factory double decal Waffen-SS helmet is of batch number 5068, which is perfectly within the narrow range of production of these. To top off the rarity of that aspect, the helmet is netted with an Allied net that has been on it forever. The condition is rough because the helmet apparently sat on a garage or shop room floor and gathered moisture for 7 decades. The rim of the helemt, showing rust all around, has cut through the net just by sitting on it so long. One rivet is shorn off. The classic ET runic shield and CA Pother party shield are in excellent condition however, as is about 55% of the ET schiefergrau paint. The liner and strap are heavily deteriorated but present. No markings are discernable, but the helmet comes from the family of an OSS veteran who brought the helmet back from when he was a partisan fighter in Italy. More of this interesting history will be provided to the buyer. All in all, this is a premier and rare helmet with a lot of character and unfortunately, a degree of storage damage. In excellent condition, the price would be in excess of 20k. However this specimen, which could display very well, is priced according to it's condition at HOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Outstanding example of a Fallschirmjaeger Regiment 6 sawdust camo helmet. This helmet recently came out of the woodwork and was immediately auctioned. It has not been in a collection yet and shows all signs of being an untouched super example. The shell is an ET68 early spanner single decal (decal is buried under the camo but present) with correct and beautiful PRYM snap straps and Heisler liner. The rivets are untouched--note the interior nut pictures which attest to this, as well as the outer spanner rivet closeups (the rivet on the left side is nearly devoid of paint, but HAS NOT been touched; it simply has had the thick camo flake off, taking with it most of the finish. It is important to point this out, and what you see is perfect patina underneath--suggesting wear in the field and elements for some time like this. The inner recesses of the liner and rubber pad have all of the naturally occuring dust and accumulation from years of storage in a closet or other moderately protected environment. The liner bears the name "Woellke, 2Kp" which can be researched to the exact FJ trooper who wore this. All in all, the helmet is a killer example. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





Outstanding SS-VT / Waffen-SS M35 Helmet . This superb example is a late 1938 Quist production size 66 helmet with typical Q feldgrau finish for that year, and a classic set of Q runic and party shields. This helmet comes from my personal collection of several years, and is a textbook example of what I consider to be the expected Quist product of that age: "Narrow" Q pattern runes (See 'SS-Steel' updated edition) and Q party shield, applied with the poorer quality glue and Damar varnish combination that causes the bubbling so universal with Quist; flat pea-green version of feldgrau finish, and Carl Tesch Berlin 1938 strap, with 'VA-SS 1938' stamped on the long end of the strap. The toe-tag is my personal collection archive tag. If you want to own one of the best classic Qs (actually this is the 5th best size 66 one I know of worldwide) of ironclad provenance and super condition, this is it. The price is: Gone... and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



SS-Totenkopfverband-attributed Helmet

This helmet was in my collection for a number of years before selling it to Darryl P, who eventually sold it to Bob C, who sold it to me recently. I had featured this helmet in SS Steel because of the uniqueness of it as a commercially-produced SS VT type helmet. In Ludwig Baer's German language helmet books, he describes this color as "schwartzgrau' or grey-black. It is black in some light, and dark grey in other, presenting a unique appearance. These helmets that mimic the Himmler helmet design but with salt shaker air vents are very likely exclusive SS contract helmets similar to the Himmler, the Droop Bill, and the RZM. The decals are classic CA Pocher, and the liner is a civic-style including the dual buckle strap. The name M. Moser is Martin Moser, who was and officer in SS-TV Regiment "Thule" and later in the KTL-der SS. The helmet is in superb condition and would be a key part of any SS-TV / VT prewar grouping or display. This rare piece is priced at New price HOLD 18.8K USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  




For sale is a very nice example of an iconic SS helmet; an ET64 SS-VT / Waffen-SS M-35. The 4k series batch number suggests production during 1939, and all components are dated accordingly. Paint and decals (excellent examples of the classic ET pattern runic and party shields) are strong, and the liner and strap are untouched original to the piece. This helmet originated from an 82n Airborne Veteran in the mid- 1990s. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.



Waffen-SS Foreign Volunteer Reversed Decal M-42

This helmet is a seldom-encountered example of a Waffen-SS foreign volunteer combat helmet, worn in period photos in this reversed-decal configuration by the Ukranians, Prinz Eugen, Handschar and other formations of the Waffen-SS (see "SS-Steel" for period photos of these). These helmets are nearly always EF makers, and originated as double decal police. They were issued to foreign "Schutzmannschaften" organizations, which performed rear area and anti- partisan police duties prior to being standardized into the SS in 1943, at which time they formed the core of the foreign volunteer divisions. It was at this time that they were converted to SS helmets, with the addtion of (usually) a CA Pocher SS runic shield, placed atop the police shield. This completed the configuration of these helmets, and across the 25 or so examples existing in worldwide collections, this is a standard feature. This exact helmet is featured in SS-Steel, pp 185-186. The shell is EF62, with the medium grey EF finish, which shows the expected spot oxydation visible within the EF factory paint. The liner is named "Folz" which could be a "Volksdeutsche" name. the decals are the typical EF Pattern party shield and the Pocher shield placed atop the bordered Police, which can be seen along the bottom edge of the Pocher. This is a superb example of a rare SS helmet; one that took me years to find as I was building my personal collection of pillar SS Helmets--this is one. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. USD Back in my personal stash!



Early Allgemeine Droop Bill Helmet

This is a very nice example of an early SS contract 'Droop Bill' helmet of the type most commonly used by SS formations prior to the "SS-RZM" helmet contract specifications. Droop bills are seen in most early SS pictures in some form or another, from circular PBS / SS-VT formations, to SS-TV and Allgemeine-SS. This example is complete, with its original roller buckle commercial chinstrap and hollow-core affixed leather band 3-pad liner system. The liner bears a name and unit mark, and the rear skirt bears a perfectly-rendered gothic script name "Sonnenkalb." This could easily be researched. This desirable example is priced at at SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  




EF64 M42 Waffen-SS Combat Helmet

Here is a very nice example of an EF M42, with 95% fine texture schiefergrau paint and 98% EF Pattern runic shield. This is a classic example, with untouched original liner and strap. A hard to upgrade piece, priced at SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


ET64 M40 Combat Helmet

I first owned this helmet in 1999, and traded it to the collector who has kept it until now. This combat piece shows all the hallmarks of a well-used but not damaged or abused piece of German battle equipment. The thing that kept my interest when I first saw it was the two digit early M40 batch number, and the presence of a factory applied CA Pocher runic shield (which by the way shows a very cool slight misprint, which I like to see!). The presence of this pattern shield and the low batch number tells me the piece was produced on the cusp of M-35 / M-40 production, wherein some CA Pocher quantities remained in use before the complete cut-over by ET to their style rune. The liner is tight and untouched, and the original chinstrap has a period reshap to the end of the strap, shortening it by approximately 2 inches. This interesting example is priced at SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  



Q66 M40 Combat Helmet

This helmet is from an old Long Island collection and was acquired by me in 2010, along with a group of other M-40 and 42 helmets. It is a classic Q in terms of finish, decal and components. Inside the dome, the solder removed the liner string and placed a horsehide pad up in the dome for comfort. This suggests to me he was perhaps a Kradmelde, possibly in a cold area such as the Russian Steppe. The liner is tight and untouched, and the chinstrap is original to the piece. It is priced at SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  


Quist M40 Single Decal SS Helmet

This helmet was featured in Ken N's excellent book, and is a fine speciment of the Q M40 production helmet. All components are correct and untouched. The pictures speak for themselves. This one would be hard to upgrade and is priced at HOLD / SOLD USD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.  




Early Q66 M35 Heer double decal with national shield removed per 1940 regulations. This Quist helmet is in very good condition with a classic 'big foot' Heer Quist pattern decal and matte feldgrau finish. The national shield has been carefully removed in accordance with 1940 Wehrmacht High Command orders. The suspension system has the early single ply aluminum band, dated 1937, with a crisp minty chinstrap also dated '37. The liner retaining pins are the early zinc coated brass type. Overall this is a great example of an earlier Q M35 that shows only very moderate age, use and wear. The price is: 1900 USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.





This is a truly stunning example of an ET66 M-35 Kriegsmarine double decal helmet with the national shield removed per the 1940 order. The paint, Kriegs eagle and all components are in top shelf condition, and present a bold and crisp appearance. In the pictures it is slighly hard to detect, but this is the absolutely typical early Kriegs shield with the raised edges around the feathers and the characteristic 'pumpkin orange' hue to the eagle. The collector who has owned this for many years specializes in finding pristine examples of M-35 'single' decal helmets, as a personal preference. The relative rarity of period national shield removed helmets has presented this collector with an interesting challenge over the years. Finally, the name "Mewes" appears in the rear skirt. Overall this is a handsome, crisp example and would grace any Kriegsmarine display or advanced helmet collection. The price is: Contact for price and other details and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Very Nice Waffen-SS Q-64 Double Decal M-40 Helmet. This outstanding helmet is a rarely encountered SS example. Quist helmets are always in demand, and there is something about a DD M-40 that grabs collectors' attention. This helmet is a later war production Q, reflecting the June '43 positioning of the size and batch number in the rear skirt. However, with the one-look factory original Q pattern runic shield, I can see this helmet was produced before the November '43 decal prohibition (which did not take immediate effect even then. More interesting is the one-look period-applied CA Pocher party shield, reflecting a possible use by garrison troops, such as Concentration Camp personnel or SS-Stabswache formations. This helmet bears an inscription: "Oscha ____" (name is illegible but could possibly be viewed under UV light). Nice overall example of a rare helmet, that would grace any collection. Purchase includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity. 15.2K USD




Later War No-Decal MINT Fallschirmjaeger Helmet. Here is an excellent and hard to upgrade later war Mint para helmet, with smoother texture schiefergrau finish and late style slotted bolts. The straps are the heftier mid-war pattern and they are flawless. The liner is perfect, and nicely marked per the photos. This is a no-brainer excellent example and is priced at SOLD and includes my certificate of lifetime guarantee of authenticity.






Outstanding Sauerland Helmet. (For reference there is a discussion thread about this helmet on the GHW forum). Also for reference on these, see the Featured Helmets section of this website. This piece is an excellent, original example of a very rare Third Reich helmet. The shell is the expected NS64, and it is a camo featuring very subtle red and yellow ochre colors daubed on top of the Schiefergrau factory finish. This helmet sat in storage for many decades, so it shows commensurate patina--but not excessive. The decal is by all indications a classic Sauerland, and in hand, is a one-look original. Several views of the helmet are featured here, especially showing the subtle but present camo scheme. A rare helmet, worthy of any advanced collection. The price is: SOLD USD and comes with my lifetime guarantee of authenticity.




Luftwaffe Officer's Aluminum Parade Helmet My friend Jim bought this 30 years ago when we were Captains, and it's been part of his collection since. The helmet is an outstanding, mint example of the Luftwaffe Officer's lightweight aluminum style, with mint liner and cordovan colored carbine clip chinstrap assembly. The outside of the helmet has a finely aged very thin coating of parade wax which does not detract from the helmet's graceful appearance. The insignia are standard first style Luft eagle and national shields, the eagle being a 100% example of the straight-leg early eagle. The national shield has approximately 65% period re-touch, due probably to flaking because the insignia are not glue / lacquer applied on this type of private purchase helmet. In any event, KenN looked at this helmet a week ago and was positive this is a period retouch, as am I, and I will guarantee its authenticity for life. This is a great chance to own a minty parade helmet for your high ranking Luft display, and is priced resonably at SOLD



















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